Captain Kool Ice Cream in Centerline Michigan has serviced Metro Detroit neighborhoods since 1976 with curb-side and over the counter sales of top brand novelty Ice creams.

Used Ice Cream Step Vans enable small business owners to prosper during recessions.

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Buy Used Ice Cream trucks

Captain Koo Ice Creams

Buy a Used Step Van for operating your own local Ice Cream Neighborhood Vending Route business. Captain Kool Trucks have been bringing delicious frozen novelties to Metro Detroit neighborhoods for over 39 years. We know from direct experience what you'll need in a reliable Used Ice Cream Truck or Delivery Van for all types of curbside vending routes. We pledge to only sell you a used Ice Cream conversion Step Van we'd use ourselves on a daily neighborhood Ice Cream delivery route. We now offer aluminum bodied Stepvans with weatherproof shrink wrapped brand advertising for local delivery services and mobile billboards.

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The Ice Cream conversion Step Van you drive and the freezer you use should be reliable! Down time is lost sales and melted stock is a real tragedy. Repairs are not your only expense. You also have the expense of all the money you are losing by not being out on your vending route for daily business customers.  They expect you to stop by daily. Above you'll see 3 types of used Ice Cream trucks operating daily in the Captain Kool Ice Cream Truck Fleet. Buy used Ice Cream Step vans from us during the winter months, as availability in very limited in peak Spring or summertime sales season. All used Ice Cream route trucks are well maintained and ready for local city inspection.

Below you'll see some 1995 through 1998 Chevy V-6 Union City  All Aluminum Body Ice Cream Trucks we are now using on our Daily Ice Cream vending routes and Ice Cream Corporate event rentals. These are welcomed additions to the CK Ice Cream Truck Fleet and we have several for sale to folks wanting to operate their own Ice Cream truck.

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Used Delivery route step vans for sale and shipped anywhere in the USA.Call for special Sale prices on these 1995-98 Ice Cream conversion Step Vans being sold with or without Cold Plate Freezers..... CK Corp (586) 755-4888) and ask for Pat Hyland. We also have some of these Chevy V6 powered Utilimaster aluminum bodied Delivery Route Step Vans priced from only $9500. These are also perfect for those wanting to do their own body and interior modifications, or setup with freezers, soft-serve ice cream or hot/cold food vending truck conversions. Need a reliable delivery van for any small business?? Current stock of used Ice Cream Trusks are sold out for the opening of the 2018 season. Please Call and ask for any current Van listings.

Looking for a used Ice Cream route truck ready for immediate use?
Aluminum bodied P30 One Ton Step Vans with Chevy V6 engines and high visibility Windows

We have a 1995 Yellow P30 Ice Cream Step Van, used in our Captain Kool Ice Cream truck fleet, for sale. This one has the following features and definitely ranks as a loaded Ice Cream truck ready to immediately run a profitable neighborhood Ice Cream route in 2009. The price is $17,500 because of all the new equipment shown below added last month....

Brand New rebuilt V6 Chevy 4.3 liter V6 engine .. only 120,603 miles on chassis

New Shocks and brakes

New Tires and chrome rims

New Emergency Flashing lights and safety signage

New Ice Cream route digital music box and exterior speakers

New NELSON brand Cold Plate 3 bay Freeze with pop cooler option ... On sale for $17,500

CK Corp has this 1995 Ice Cream Truck with all new parts for sale
SOLD for $17,500

This one has been SOLD... call for other Used Ice Cream trucks and Vending Step Vans

Click the Ice Cream Step Van photos to see a larger close-up view of all the Ice Cream truck conversion features added to this one. This 1995 P30 Chevy powered Step Van has only 120,603  carefully maintained miles on the chassis. We have loaded it with a freshly rebuilt engine and drive train to assure your years of Ice Cream route service.. New Yellow paint job and all the GM V6 engine parts, L80 E GM automatic transmission, drive train have been inspected and are in good working order. Inspected and ready to drive off from our Centerline Mi licensed used truck lot. New Nelson Cold Plate Freezer and pop cooler installed.

1 ton v6 Truck Dimensions            

Height               114”

            Width                75”

            Length               188”

            Weight              5186 lbs.

Cold Plate Freezer Dimensions

            Length               73”

            Width                36”

            Depth                23”

All aluminum body -2 sliding doors - interior shelving and fresh premium paint job on this Utilimaster/Union City body on the venerable P30 Chevrolet Step Van chassis and GM drive train. Test drive this one from our Centerline MI used truck and Ice Cream warehouse.

1998 Chevy powered Stepvan converted into neighborhood Ice Cream Truck
Ready to roll 1998 fully equipped all aluminum Ice Cream Truck with V6 Chevy power

This one has been SOLD... call for other Used Ice Cream trucks and Vending Step Vans

Click here to view a special detailed page on this 1998 P30 Chevy powered Ice Cream Truck being sold for $17,500. See all the included safety equipment, 120 volt cold plate freezer units and complete spec sheet on this Ice Cream Truck ready to operate in any city in the USA. We can arrange shipping, or you can drive off our lot with full title transfer. Take a look...

Final closeout sale on the few remaining (2 ea) 1977 Chevy 6 cylinder powered Union Body Ice Cream Step Vans for immediate sale. These are maintained as a fully functioning part of the Captain Kool Ice Cream truck fleet for Metro Detroit neighborhood routes.

Great Deals on several 1997 Chevy V6 cylinder Ice Cream Trucks
 sold with/or without cold plate freezers and side serving windows.

These Ice Cream trucks have been part of our own neighborhood fleet for years. CK Corp mechanicsCold Plate Freezer used in all our Ice Cream Trucks tend to these trucks all winter and daily during the summertime season. All have rebuilt 6 cylinder engines and automatic transmissions and have been well maintained for use in our own daily neighborhood routes. New brakes, safety signs, warning lights, blind spot mirrors and premium tires included. All the $17,500 units have Nelson brand 3 bay cold plate freezers, extra pop cooler and 120 volt working compressors in place so you don't need any dry ice. Ready to pass all city Ice Cream Truck regulations and vending permit requirements regardless of what city you'll be running your routes in.  Call CK Corp at (586) 755-4888 for details.... and to test drive them from our CenterLine Michigan lot. We don't always have used Ice Cream Trucks in stock. We use the winter time off season to fully convert for the seasonal neighborhood Ice Cream Route business. Take a test drive and get a independent full mechanical inspection before committing to purchase.

  dscn1033.jpg (72292 bytes) Utilimaster 1994 Step Van for neighborhood Ice Cream route salesdscn1035.jpg (74269 bytes)
Click on these Aluminum bodied Step Van Images to enlarge photo details. All are for sale by CK Corp of Centerline for $10.500. We have 2 basic Ice Cream Step Vans for immediate sale. 

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Priced from $8,500 without cold plate freezers.
We have several w/ Cold Plate Freezer and all safety lights & Ice Cream Truck signage for sale right now.. SOLD in 2018

Cold Plate Freezer units in these used 1974 Chevy StepVan Ice Cream trucks
You can easily add Candy and small toy racks, sell bottled water & pop to increase daily sales volume.

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These Chevy Step vans are well maintained to reliably run Ice Cream routes in 2018.

CK Corporation supports the purchasing needs of independent ice cream route vendors, small ice cream shops and all our neighborhood route customers for the last 30 years.Make money by operating your own neighborhood Ice Cream truck Our used Ice Cream Trucks, which are known for their quality and reliability year after year, are real money makers for the independent drivers. Why not thing about operating your own Ice Cream Truck and make daily cash in your own local neighborhood and become self employed. CK Corp owner knows what you will need to reliably and profitably operate a mobile Ice Cream vending route. From efficient Cold plate freezers to step vans outfitted with all the required safety equipment just makes dollars and sense. Impress, don't offend your customers. Trust our 30 years of running 20+ trucks on local Metro Detroit city routes. We refuse to sell you anything, from novelty ice creams to used trucks we personally wouldn't use ourselves as part of Captain Kool's daily ice cream distribution business.

We also have some of these Chevy V6 powered Utilimaster aluminum bodied Delivery Route Step Vans priced from only $5500.

This one has been SOLD... call for other Used Ice Cream trucks and Vending Step Vans
These are also perfect for those wanting to do their own body modifications, or setup with freezers, soft-serve ice cream or hot/cold food vending conversions. Great price on a reliable delivery van for any small business.


Exterior dimensions on these short wheelbase Chevy V6 Powered delivery Vans sold by CK Corp in Centerline Michigan. We can put weatherproof advertising decals on these panels at a reasonable price. Get worldwide delivery by bonded carrier on Ice Cream trucks and used Step vans ... or you can drive them off our sales lot to USA cities.

CK Corp of Centerline has a full service Vehicle wrap design shop for adding brand advertising, company logos and contact information on to your mobile billboard... very effective

used step van for mobile book sales company our water-proof Ad wraps for trucks make your van into a mobile billboard Bookmobile with perminent waterproof advertising on all sides of Step Van
Our graphics design shop can make water-proof advertising decals for your delivery van as part of your low purchase price. Get tax write off and new business generator.

CK Corporation of Centerline is a fully licensed used car and truck dealer since 1985.
We can handle all sales contracts and title registrations by State of Michigan DMV guidelines. Your purchase of a used Ice Cream Truck from us is a safe and secure type transaction.

Looking for a great deal on a Used Step van suitable for converting into a Ice Cream Vending Route business? Used Step Vans converted for neightborhood Ice Cream routesWell this is the place to find a reasonably priced Step van and even have our experienced mechanics and body shop experts install the equipment to your exact specifications. We even offer ready to drive-off conversion Step vans for Ice Cream Routes or suitable for Mobile Hot food and sandwich routes. For Over 30 years we have offered conversion Step vans, Ice cream push carts, clean used cars, cold plate and conventional freezers sold from our Sherwood Centerline Michigan warehouse location. We also sell Blue Bunny, Riches, Wells Dairy and other brands of novelty ice cream bars to the general public. We offer wholesale reseller prices to independent route drivers, Ice Cream shops and convenience stores. We both buy and sell used step vans and perform conversions during the winter off season from our own maintenance service facilities.

We recommend Nelson cold plate freezers, known to the vending industry the world over for our Ice Nelson Cold Plate freezer chests for Ice Cream TrucksCream conversion step vans! These units are all stainless steel, professional vending cabinets and come with a Copeland compressor for maximum reliability. All factory made ice cream trucks use cold plate freezers instead of Dry Ice chests. Most serious vendors know that cold plates are the most reliable way to freeze your novelty ice creams. Combine cold plates with Nelson Manufacturing and you have the best freezer in the industry today. Simply plug in your freezer at night when the truck is not in use. (to any standard 120 volt household outlet) This will charge up your freezer, and the cold plates in the walls will keep your product frozen for over 12 hours.... even on the hottest summer days!  Fact: Eliminates engine power drain and increases gas mileage when selling ice cream, as the truck's engine does not need to be running to charge up the freezer. All corners are welded and there are no sharp edges on these units.

Why pay extra for Cold Plate Freezer Ice Cream Trucks?


Advantages over dry ice: • Lower operating costs - Less product loss -no Dry Ice freezer burns -Saves Gas expense


Convenient: • No board of health problems • And never worry about safety concerns of handling dry ice!


Advantages over engine generators: • Reliability 5 year limited warranty on cold plates, insulation, and rust-through • Fewer repairs • Less downtime • Less heat eliminates exhaust heat of an operating freezer or waste heat from a generator • No loud noise. Completely silent all electric operation when in use. No compressor motor running.


Advantages over Inverters and "home'' freezers: • No extra batteries needed for power • Keeps product frozen better • Separate compartments... open only the one you want • No alternator problems because the engine alternator does not have to charge cold plates.


ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Poured Urethane Walls - 3 inches on sides, 3.5 inches on bottom; 40% more than conventional equipment - Oversized Compressors for fast temperature pull down! -Built in Dole Coldplates -Safe Edged Stainless Steel Tops - all corners welded and polished, no raw edges ever. -Safety Kit for securing freezer to truck floor -Heavy Duty Outdoor Extension Cord to plug in at night.

 Captain Kool Ice Cream (CK Corporation of Centerline) continues helping to improve on an industry that provides so much happiness to so many people on a daily basis since 1976.......enjoy your visit here and call us in  CenterLine Michigan at (586) 755-4888. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have comments, questions or suggestions about the Step Vans and Ice Cream route trucks offered for sale on this website

CK Corp .E-mail CK Corp used Ice Cream truck sales department Email

Serving Novelty Ice Creams to Metro Detroit Neighborhoods since 1976

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CK Corp Captain Kool neighborhood Ice Cream Truck Fleet serving novelity Ice Cream bars to Metro Detroit nei9ghborhhods for 30 years

We're Hiring! Earn cash driving a Captain Kool Route in Detroit's Best Neighborhoods.

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