Captain Kool Ice Cream Inc in Centerline Michigan has serviced Metro Detroit neighborhoods since 1976 with curb-side and over the counter sales of top brand novelty Ice creams.

Frequently asked customer questions on our services and Ice Cream Selections

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Frequently Asked Questions and facts about Ice Creams and Captain Kool Services.

Captain Kool only accepts Cash or checks for any Ice Cream products, or event services.

CK Truck drivers pass criminal background checks and have good driving records.

We lease or sell Ice cream trucks and have special reseller prices for resellers

Ice Cream Cart & Truck rental deposit checks are given back after the customer  returns the cart or truck. Any un-opened and un-damaged Ice Cream cases can be refunded upon completion of the Ice Cream event.

Captain Kool can time schedule a fully loaded truck to drive-by a company, school, or family gathering and pass out retail truck priced ice creams to the group. The Ice Cream social coordinator just pays for the consumed Ice Creams given out by our curteous drivers.

We can loan out large Igloo Coolers to event customers buying dry ice and wholesale counter priced Ice Creams, if they agree to return them after their party, picnic or event. This is often more convenient then arranging a Ice Cream Cart pick-up and return for smaller events.

General Ice Cream Information and facts:
Q: What is the size of the U.S. ice cream/frozen dessert market?
A: In 2002, more than $24 billion. [Source: International Ice Cream Association, 2002]

Q: How much ice cream is produced in the U.S.?
A: In 2001, 1.6 billion gallons of ice cream or 23 quarts per person were produced. [Source: International Ice Cream Association, 2002]

Q: How much ice cream do we eat a year?
A: The average American eats around 45 pints (5.63 gallons) of ice cream a year, more than any other nationality. [Assumes all ice cream produced is consumed]

Q: How many homes in the U.S. have ice cream in their freezers?
A: 94% of households in the U.S. in 2000 consumed ice cream and frozen desserts.

Q: When did National Ice Cream Month begin?
A: President Ronald Reagan declared July “National Ice Cream Month” in 1984. July is also the month in which the most ice cream is sold. [Source: Eating It Up; Ice Cream Sales and Usage Trends, 2001, International Dairy Foods Association]

Q: What is the No. 1 ice cream flavor in the U.S.?
A: Vanilla Ice Cream [Source: Eating It Up; Ice Cream Sales and Usage Trends, 2001, International Dairy Foods Association]

Q: What are the top five ice cream flavors in the U.S.?
A: The top five flavors are vanilla, chocolate, vanilla /chocolate, fruit, and cookies and cream. [Source: Eating It Up; Ice Cream Sales and Usage Trends, 2001, International Dairy Foods Association]

Q: When was the Twin Ice pop invented?
A: The Twin Ice pop was created during The Great Depression so two children could share a flavored Ice Pop for just a nickel.

More Ice Cream FAQs and Ice Cream Trivia

  • The United States makes over 1.6 billion gallons of ice cream a year. That's enough for every man, woman, and child in America to eat 184 single scoop cones: one a day for each of us for almost six months!
  • Kids between the ages of 2 and 12 are the biggest ice-screamers, eating more than half of the ice cream sandwiches, bars, and prepackaged cones made each year.
  • Iced dairy products made from the milk of horse, buffalo, yak, camel, cow and goat first appeared during the T'angicecream_cart_promo.jpg (47651 bytes) Dynasty in China (618-907 A.D.). King T'ang himself relished an iced-milk dish called kumiss. The frosty concoction included rice, flour, and "dragon's eyeball powder" - - better known today as camphor, a chemical taken from the wood of an evergreen tree.
  • Café Procope became the world's first restaurant to serve ice cream when it opened its doors in 1686. The Paris café dished up chocolate, vanilla and strawberry - - considered exotic flavors back then. Today, you can still buy your old favorites there, more than three hundred years after the first scoop was served!
  • The first recorded reference to ice cream in the New World was found in a journal entry dated 1744. It described a dinner party at the home of Maryland's governor, Thomas Bladen, who served a dessert of ice cream made with milk and strawberries.
  • American presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison all loved ice cream. During the summer of 1790, Washington ordered $200 worth of the delicious dessert: the equivalent of $96,400 today!
  • Nancy M. Johnson received a patent for the first hand-cranked ice cream freezer in 1843. She later sold the patent for a mere $1500.
  • Jacob Fussell, considered to be the Father of the Ice Cream Industry, opened the first commerical ice cream plant in America in 1851. At that time, the average American ate less than one teaspoon of ice cream a year.
  • Some sources say the ice cream soda was created by two newsboys in 1872 at a candy shop in New York City, when they asked the fountain dispenser to plop a scoop of ice cream and a slice of pineapple into a glass of soda water.
  • A teenager named George Hallauer accidentally invented the ice cream sundae in 1881 when he asked a soda jerk to pour chocolate syrup - - used in making ice cream sodas - - into his bowl of vanilla ice cream.
  • The ice cream cone was invented in 1896 by an Italian immigrant named Italo Marchiony, who sold ice cream from a cart on the streets of New York. He received a patent in 1903 for the machine that made these delicious, edible holders.

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FACTOID: Who made the first Eskimo Pie???   The idea for the Eskimo Pie bar was created by Chris Nelson, a ice cream shop owner from Onawa, Iowa. He thought up the idea in the spring of 1920, after he saw a young customer called Douglas Ressenden having difficulty choosing between ordering an ice cream sandwich and a chocolate bar. Nelson created the solution, a chocolate covered ice cream bar. The first Eskimo Pie chocolate covered ice cream bar on a stick was created in 1934.... Originally Eskimo Pie was called the "I-Scream-Bar".
In 1904, at the St. Louis World's Fair, the ice cream cone was popularized by Ernest Hamwi, a waffle vendor. When the ice cream salesman in the booth next to Hamwi's ran out of serving dishes, Hamwi rolled a hot waffle into the shape of a cone, and offered it in place of a dish. The World's Fair "cornucopias" were an instant hit.
In 1921, the Commissioner of Ellis Island issued a delicious decree: all immigrants arriving in this country would receive a free scoop of ice cream with their first American meal.
During World War II, cone manufacturers had trouble getting wheat flour since it was needed to make bread and other food products for American soldiers overseas. Several companies in Philadelphia solved this problem by making ice cream cones out of crushed, sweetened popcorn!
An ice cream shop in Venezuela, Helados Coromoto, is listed in the Guinness book of World Records as serving the most flavors: 550! The specialty of the house is pabellon criollo, which is similar to the national dish of shredded beef, black beans, rice and plantains (a type of banana).
12 pounds of milk are needed to make one gallon of ice cream. It takes about 50 licks to eat a single scoop ice cream cone.
The largest ice cream sundae in the world weighed in at a whopping 54,914 pounds. It was made by Palm Dairies Ltd. of Alberta, Canada, in 1988.
You would need a tower of 1,209 Eskimo Pies, stacked end-to-end, to stand as high as the Washington Monument. It would take a chain of 3 billiion Eskimo Pies to reach the moon.
According to the International Ice Cream Association, more ice cream is sold on Sunday than any other day of the week. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ICE CREAM HISTORY.

Maybe you're like most people and think that all Metro Detroit ice cream vendors are the same. After all, you would guess that we just load up the truck, start the engine and drive around in search of children with some change in their pocket or a battle-weary parent who'll buy instead of hearing the kids whine. Our history, trucks and drivers do make a substancial difference, as all work together to bring frozen "treats to thecktruck.jpg (36718 bytes) streets" with the highest of standards. First of all, we live right here; so, you are our neighbors and friends. Unlike other vendors you and your children are more than just another customer. The  familiar CaptKool truck operators, for 30 years, know the only way we can earn your trust and respect is to continually offer you the freshest products, the widest selection and the friendliest, most professional service possible.

No other Detroit area vendor can boast the cleanest trucks, safest drivers and owner commitment that we can. All CK trucks are inspected, licenced and assigned a permitted City route with a driver, who has passed a rigorous background and criminal record check by local police departments.When you and your children buy a CK name brand Ice Cream product, you are dealing with an owner who knows and values the importance of your satisfaction. So, the next time you see a Captain Kool Ice Cream truck, remember that the person behind the wheel is a neighbor and owner working hard to bring the best ice cream right to your neighborhood.

CK Corp of Centerline MI has participated in hundreds of Ice Cream special events for over 25 years for company and Union picnics and employee gatherings, fireworks displays, school parties, Church fairs, City parades and summertime wedding parties. We offer daily truck and Ice Cream push cart rentals and allow event coordinators to choose from over 60 novelity ice cream bars at wholesale prices. Click here to learn about how you can sponsor a Ice Cream event for your group. Everyone loves ice cream and you can have fun while raising some money of spreading some goodwill...with plenty of selection of novelity ice creams to offer your guests. CK Corporation mainly sells, Rich's, NorthStar and Well's Blue Bunny Ice cream bars along with a large variety of Funny cartoon face frozen ice pops.

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We welcome your comments and suggestions to improve this site and our curbside novelity ice cream delivery. Our goal is to earn your trust. We hope your experience here is a positive one. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 586-755-4888 should you have comments, questions or suggestions about how we can improve our services.

Servicing the Ice Cream needs of Metro Detroit Neighborhoods since 1976

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Route Openings in Saint Clair Shores, Troy, Royal Oak, Birmingham, Shelby Township, Grosse Pointe, Harper Woods, Eastpointe, Warren, Southfield, Clinton Township, Roseville, Clinton Township, and other Detroit Michigan cities.

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